Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ben is Student of the Month!

Ben was finally the Student of the Month at school today! He has been waiting all year for this. The teacher said the nicest things about him:

Ben is a model student in first grade.

He is a terrific reader and loves to do AR.

He is quite a mathematician and is our "Mickey Math King".

His work is done with great effort and pride.

Because Ben is a good listener, he can always be found following directions and doing his job.

Ben is kind and helpful, so everyone loves Ben.

Nate took some great pictures during the assembly.

I was impressed and so happy at the great things his teacher had to say about Ben. So I was of course shocked when Rob was tucking him in and screamed my name. He met me in the hall and said, "OK don't laugh, but you have to check this out!" Then I go into the bedroom and Rob shows me above Benny's top bunk where he has a nice, large collection of BOOGERS! The perfect one, the one that was just honored today for his great ability to follow directions and be a model, has a slimy booger collection on the wall above his bed! When I asked him what? Why? He said to me, "What? It's the perfect place!"

I had to leave, first to get him the container of cleaning wipes, and then of course to laugh my butt-off! Sick-o that I love so much. At least he doesn't eat 'em!


  1. That's an art tho. I'm impressed with his booger skillz.

  2. eeewwww! It must come from YOUR side because one of MY siblings did the same thing as a kid. Just admit it, YOU did too, didn't you?!

  3. Hey! Congratulations on such a cute and funny family, especially the NEW ADDITION! I'm so excited for you to enjoy a daughter! I totally can't wait to meet her. Hoooray!

  4. Booger collection . . . .that's not one that I've encountered yet. Just make sure he washes his hands before he eats breakfast. Isn't that why they invented anti-bacterial soap? I thought Ben would have been Student of the Month in September. That's the only surprising part to me. :D

  5. I am WAY behind-I didn't know you had your baby girl. Congrats! She is cute and adorable and will be spoiled for life. Your Nurse Tonya is an old classmate/friend of mine and we worked at Baskin-Robbins together. Her remark to the doctor sounds spot-on, as she was very no nonsense and a hoot. If you see her again, tell her I said hi; I'm sure my request will be the FIRST thing on your mind. :)

  6. Oh, Booger Benny makes me laugh! That is just too funny, but at least we all know he's not eating them. LOL! Tell him that Uncle Bob use to have the nick name Burger Bob. A lady fixed him and abother guy hamburgers and he got his w/out any meat and never said a word and the lady didn't know it until they left. LOL!