Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alexander's 3 days of fun

We had a great time celebrating big baby's birthday. When we got down to LA we went to dinner at Bubba Gumps.

They sang to him and made him wiggle his butt, while standing in his chair to get a sundae. It was very funny!
By the time dinner was over, I think we heard every famous Forrest Gump line repeated 50 times.

The next morning we went to Disneyland for the first time in many years. We saw all their favorite characters....

The next day we went to California Adventure for our first time. It is really fun. Alexander enjoyed torturing Zach while we waited in line.

Jake hates this picture. We were waiting to see Mickey in the dark--I think it is hilarious!

Even the cool big brother had a great time.

They all the loved the parades. We had a blast and can't wait to do it again since Big Daddy got us season passes. I haven't decided if that was a good idea or not? Isn't every few years half the fun???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My baby is 3!

Today (Thursday 18th) Alexander is 3. He has been asking for weeks if it's his birthday yet, and every morning he wakes up and asks if I made his Elmo cake yet! We love this little boy. He has added so much fun and sweetness to our family. Everyone loves him and wants him around. He has never been very pesty (yet) or got into things too bad. He is a joy to hang out with everyday.

He had a rough start in life. We thought he was a girl until the week before he was born. I had many ultrasounds and nobody ever saw any extra parts. So, I painted his lavender room a nice shade of green, and took a beautiful girl wardrobe back, and bought him a years worth of new things (beacuse I had happily got rid of all baby boy "Little Slugger" and "you're #1" outfits) Once he was born, and I saw how dang cute he was, I could nver imagine him not being here! When Alexander was a couple weeks old he started getting sick. We found out he had RSV and after a few days here in Memorial Hospital his little heart started racing in the 220's. It was very scary. He was helicoptered to Madera's Valley Children's Hospital. Rob and I had to follow in the car (at about 100 mph). It was a very long couple weeks. I had never been away from the other kids more than a day, and I never had a sick child in the hospital. It was a very scary time and now very blurry. I am so glad he improved and was off heart meds by 6 months without any other signs of problems.

Lately he has been saying the funniest things and asking the craziest questions. He always says, "I luz you mom", "You luz me right mom?" and when the boys leave every morning he always says, "Well it's jus jew and me mom!" He cracks me up and I would take a few more of this kid!

To celebrate his big day, we are very excited to be leaving Wednesday after school to Disneyland and California Adventures. We haven't been for nearly 5 years and have never been to California Adventures. Big Al is very into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pooh, Nemo and especially Little Einteins so we thought that it would be a perfect time to ditch school and have some fun. Hopefully it won't be too busy, everyone else should be in school (that's what good parents do).

Happy 3rd Birthday Alexander!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Birthday

1st birthday, 1st haircut

2 months, during this time Benny called him Baby Alice

7 months--don't all moms let two kids bath in the sink at once?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nate's big birthday and first day of school

Nate's big 5th birthday with Chuck E Cheese.
The first day of school. The summer flew by!
They hate when I make them take a picture while we wait for the gates to open. Too bad.
Poor Al. He was sad he wasn't going too. He kept throwing his hands around saying, "Why? Why?"
He'll start in a couple weeks.

After a fun summer with Heather, she left for ASU. We were glad she could spend the summer with us, and hope she comes back sometime soon.

Nate's baby Bella.

Friday, September 12, 2008

So It's been a month

So I have heard from a few family members and friends that care that I need to share what we have been up to. It has been a whole month, and I know I never finished anything about the summer past June. It has been very busy, and I have not had much desire to take the time to download anything on my slow, failing computer.

School is going good for the boys. Alexander started Preschool last week and he loves it. I thought 2 days a week would be good, but he asks to go everyday. He doesn't realize I like him more than that.
Jake stared playing the Tuba of all things. Zach played the Trombone for a week and decided he'd stick with the Trumpet. Lazy. Doesn't want to learn something new. Zach and Jake are both playing football and loving it. Ben is playing soccer and kickin butt, I might add. He is a goal scorin machine. Nate is finally old enough to play his first real sport and Rob is coaching his soccer team, The Great White Sharks.

Rob is busy at work as always, and finally got us down to 1 store this month. It should be nice! He is also helping to coach the big boys football team and is very serious about it.

I am not the smartest and am busy enough with all these smelly, cute, boys that I am in charge of the school Carnival next month and all the room moms. It is nice to be involved in their school, but really the laundry is enough for me to handle. I just got put in as YW secretary, and while I will miss my Sunbeams dearly, I am excited to be with my camp girls.

I will post some pictures for you later this weekend Jomama. Rob and I off to LA for a Maroon 5 & Counting Crows concert until tomorrow!