Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

We had a great Spring Break. We went on a cruise to Mexico with the kids. We had a blast! I loved not cooking or cleaning up after meals and not making beds. The kids loved dinners in the dining room all the kids activities. We really enjoyed the kid activities when we got to drop them for hours at a time for no charge! I got a lot of great sun and people watching in-I read the same chapter in my book I don't know HOW many times! Rob enjoyed not working and what on one thing he does well--eating! The kids we very surprised at how poor and dirty Mexico was. They wanted back on the boat after an hour. Maybe they'll appreciate what they have a little better, for a little while anyway! I like Nate's face in this picture--I think this is when we were talking about the Kindergarten physical he has this week!
I lost my camera on the last day, so I have not fun pics to share except this one!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Day Boo-Boo!!!
Today is my mom's birthday. She is a great mom and the best grandma any kid could ask for. For starters she lets her grandkids call her Boo-Boo. She loves my boys and has them over for days at a time. She never misses ball games or their important events. We love you Boo-Boo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Springtime Fun

I had fun on Friday trying to make it to every boy's Easter Party (before St. Patty's Day-too wierd for me!) I got to Ben's as soon as they were finishing and I rushed over to Nate's to see they were finishing too! Oh well-I tried! This is Nathan and his cute girlfriend Hannah who he adores.

Ben is having a great ime playing ball. Alex and Nate are dying to get in on the action. BOY I'm dying for that too. I can't wait for all 5 to be playing at once. It so easy now to make 6 games and 5 practices in one week. What was I thinking?

This was this weeked driving 2 hours to the beach. On the way it was so cold and we saw lots of snow. Within the hour of this pic we were enjoying 70 degree beautiful weather on the beach! Only in California!

The tiny boys giving me a hard time for a picture. We had such a great time for a few days with many great families that my kids enjoy and that we love! So fun!
This game was a big hit and kept the kids playing. Spending time with Big Daddy was also a enjoyed!Big Al enjoying his crunchy SANDwich. Ben , Nate and Al

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We've been very busy around here. Spring has sprung! The allergies are full-blown for the Big Daddy. The science fair projects are finally complete. This year I, I mean Zach, made a lemon battery which we actually got to work! My dad, being the great Popa electrician, helped set it up and explained all the mechanics and I helped to make it all pretty. Jake dissolved sugar in different water temps. I loved that boy for making this one easy. I think I hate the Science Fair! But, I am happy with our 2 A+ we earned!

This is my new daughter Ruby. I have never had a little dog before and she is sure teaching me things. She's cute, but I'm still trying to decide if she's really cute enough to have to hang out with me everywhere I go!!! Does she really have to sleep with me? Leave everytime I go? She even gets up from a dead sleep when I leave the room to follow me. SEE- I knew if I had a daughter She would think I was cool. Too bad she doesn't talk or give any input on what pair of shoes to buy.
It's also baseball season, and although my big boys have never stopped playing and practicing all year, we're really moving now. Benny is happy to be a Dodger and has some fun kids from school on his team and some children of old friends of ours.
Big Coach Rob is of course trying to coach everyone at once. He is coaching Jake's team, Ben's team, and assisting Zach's. Many days this means 2 practices a day, 6 games a week and going back to work when it's all done. What a dad. Lucky boys.
It's also time for Dodger season to get underway and I have some boys that are pretty excited for that!

My funny little boys! They love to make crazy hair in the bath tub, and crazy messes everywhere else!