Monday, February 4, 2008

The Family Bed

I LLLOOOOOVVVEEEEEE my kids, but I keep asking myself--How long do I want them in my bed? It seems like no matter how nicley everyone goes to sleep in their own beds, someone always ends up in our bed. Now if the kids weren't enough, I have my sweet new daughter who loves to share my breath and my pillow and goes from under the covers to on top over and over again! I'd like to think it is because they think we are so cool and make them feel safe, but I really think it is because my bed is much more comfortable than theirs.

Have you really laid in your kids beds lately? I got in Jake's and that drove us to get him a new mattress for Christmas. He seems better. I did everything I could to try to make Alexander's bed as comfortable as ours. I put on a feather bed, soft flannel sheets, lots of pillows and still the boy makes it to our bed between midnight and 2 every night. I try to conveince myself that it is just a phase like everything else, but the dark circles under my eyes don't say the same. I am just the kind of girl that needs her 10 hours a night!

I guess I need to get mean. If I wasn't so lazy I could keep putting him back in his own bed, but instead I often just go get in his. I'll probably get sad one day when there is nobody who wants to crawl in my bed, but for know I am literally tired of it!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to the King!!!

Wow 37 ! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Big Boy. I love you very much!

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Month, New Outlook

I have been working everyday to change my outlook on life. I am grateful it is a new month, and as I see it, a new chance to change. I want to be grateful everyday for all of the great things that I have and not dwell on all the things I wish I had. If I want a hot bod, I need to be grateful for that treadmill I just had to have and work it! If I want nice kids with nice mouths, then I need to set the example and always talk nice to them, in front of them, and about them. If I want a nice dinner, I need to get up and make it with my vast knowledge of food network recipies. If I want great friends, I know I need to be a better friend. If I want a nice clean car, I need to make sure the rugrats clear out their trash and don't leave me with mystery smells. I could go on and on--I feel a little better now. Besides, when I look at this cute face how could I not feel grateful???