Monday, April 28, 2008


We have been very busy the last couple weeks. Between lots of baseball games, we were lucky to have Rob's sister Jennifer, her husband Bob and kids Garrett and Kayla come visit from Illinois.

We went to Magic Mountain and had a great time. I haven't had the opportunity to ride roller coasters like that since before kids! We took them to our favorite Mexican resturant Johannafina's in Ventura and stayed the night at Inn on the Beach, my favorite quiet spot. The next day, we went to Universal Studios. I was the only one who had ever been (maybe 15 years ago!) so it was fun and new for everyone!

Alexander was so excited to meet 2 of his very favorites at once--DORA and Curious George!

This is Garrett having a great time playing Kinghts and heros with the little boys. He was a great sport to put up with so many little ones!
Kayla was great with Al and it was nice to have some and help with him!
Thanks Bob & Jen for spending your time, energy and funds to have your vacation with us! WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am excited about this summer. Awhile ago, I got called to be the Stake Craft lady and then this Sunday I got called to be the Ward Camp lady. I have been wanting to go to camp for years. I have just been a little busy growing or feeding a baby for 11 summers!

I know to many of you think I am crazy to have the desire to go to Big Meadow for a week. But for this mom surrounded by boys everyday it sounds very nice. I have the greatest memories of girls camp. Even during my not so perfect days of being a teenager, I always stopped to enjoy a little Big Meadow! Some fun times were had with Allie, Teanna, Holly, Sharol, Laura, Heather, Emily, Eliza.............! I might have to dig out some old pictures.

I would love to have any great ward camp ideas you have or great craft ideas!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Identity Theft!

So, a couple of weeks ago I found a business card shoved in my front door from someone on at the DA's office. It said please call for more info. So, I spoke with this lady who said she had a subpenoa for me. She said she know the police have spoken with me a couple of time and she knows I am aware of the situation. What situation??? I ask. She says she has reports that I have spoken with the police on several occasions and that I am aware that I am a victim of identity theft. Great!

I did not know anything about it. The lady acted like she didn't believe me and said she would bring the subpoena the next day. So, last week I went to court. Still not knowing anything, because nobody ever called me back. While waiting in the lobby I sit by to girls about my age and we start talking. It turns out they have been dealing with this since last summer. Apparently, some lady had her house searched, and police found credit cards, checks and id's with many different names. The other girls are dealing with thousands and thousands of dollars of fraud in their names. So, far I haven't found any problems.

I don't know if this lady got in my trash or found something I don't know I lost or what. It is kind of scary. The other girls have watch sirvalence tapes of her using their cards and spending their money. The craziest thing to me is STILL no return phone call from Police or DA's office. I'd like to know who wants to be me?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Big Boy!

Today is Zach's 11th Birthday! He is a great kid. He is mostly perfect to his little brothers and is becoming quite the babysitter. He likes to do well at everything he does. He has gotten nothing but A's and always impresses me with his school work that seems to come so easy. He is great on the piano and plays at least for a minute every time he walks by it. He loves to ride his wave, long board, pogo stick and bike. He loves video games and candy and chicken fried steak.

Zach is a very funny and extremely sarcastic kid. He loves his mom, but does want me to call him Zachary, big boy , Z-money, Zachy Wacky or any of the fun names we use at home, when we are in public. Especially when cheering at his games. I will continue to work on this. It is challenging for me to do when he strikes someone out or makes a great hit--I just want to yell----GO ZACHY!!! Zach's best friends are his brother Jake, and Jared who lives a few houses down. He has an extreme love-hate relationship with them both. This picture is when Boo-Boo made them 3 Musketeers costumes for Halloween. Zach is great at arguing and debating every point and we've been telling him he's got to be a lawyer since around age 3. He has other plans. He is going to be a MLB player. Then he's going to take care of his mama with a nice little place on the sand.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, I have had this song on my blog and no one has said anything. It makes me laugh when I hear it for a couple of reasons: 1. My friend Dana who loves to call me her Supersonic friend and I always try to sing it to her 2. It reminds me of high school riding in my '75 Toyota Corrolla singing that horrible song laughing with my best friends! One day one of our boyfriends got so sick of us singing it for a couple years that he threw it out the window while we were driving.

JJ Fad Bio
Group formed in: 1988 (disbanded in 1992) / Members: M.C.J.B. (Juana Burns) Baby-D (Dania Birks) Sassy C (Michelle Franklin) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A reminder of how fleeting hip-hop glory can be, female L.A. rappers M.C.J.B. , Baby-D and Sassy C formed Just Jammin' Fresh and Def (J.J. Fad) in 1988. They were part of Hurby "Love Bug" Azor's empire alongside Salt 'N Pepa. The female equivalent of Kriss Koss, the trio featured a youthful, heavily pop-oriented brand of rap that was non-threatening. "Supersonic", produced by The Arabian Prince, was a Top 30 pop and R&B hit, and the album went gold, peaking at 49. Soon after it dropped off the charts, they were a memory.