Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Thanksgiving. No really the turkeys name is Thanksgiving. A couple of years ago my parents got two baby turkeys and named them Christmas and Thanksgiving hoping to eat them once they were nice and plump. They became such beloved pets they could never put them on the table.

This turkey is pretty funny, as far as turkeys go I suppose. He comes when my dad calls him and rubs all over his legs like a dog to be loved on. Sick. I am not a lover of this turkey, My dad cracks me up. I asked him to bring him for the big Kindergarten party day. So he loaded him up in the big dog crate and put him out on the playground. The kids loved it! Then Benny's 1st grade class and Jake's 5th grade class came over too. Zach's teacher isn't cool enough to do things like that--whatever.

What a great Popa my kids have. I know it took a lot out of his day to do this. He even had a little chart and taught the kids all the different parts of the big bird.

After that excitement all the cool moms prepared a feast for all of the Kindergartners in the cafeteria. I love my little pilgrim.

Next, I went over to 5th grade to do another feast. Lucky kids. Then I ran home to start preparing the real feast for the next day at our house. I wonder how many kids decided not to eat turkey after lovin on Popa's bird?

One more thing I want to remember:
I was telling Zach and Jake that their cool Popa was bringing in Thanksgiving to show the Kindergarten class. I said that Mrs. Joseph (Nate's teacher and our neighbor) had never even seen a real turkey. Then Jake asked,"Oh is she a vegetarian?" I laughed until my side hurt. Jake often has the funniest, blondest, most innocent things to say. Sweet tiny boy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Disneyland again!

The boys had another very sick day, so we hit Disneyland again. Jomama had never been before, so before we took her to the airport we had to visit the happiest place on earth.

You gotta love a giant turkey leg!

I even had 3 boys complete Jedi training and kick some Dark Side butt!

We had another great day. During the week on a school day is the perfect day. No lines, small crowds and lots of fun!

By the way, the Carnival turned out to be great last night. I am glad that it is over. It was a lot of work! We even continued on with the costume contest a week after Halloween. The kids loved it. It went very smooth and I only had one complaint. It was a ranting crazy email from a looney mom. Skip her. We ended up raising $6000 bucks, which was not bad considering it was not even supposed to be a fundraiser. I've done my good dead for the year. I quit. Now my only job is making a perfect baby girl.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Flag football & soccer saturday fun

We spent the month of October having the most beautiful weather. Until the end. We kept teasing Jomama that she brought the crazy weather from Illionois with her. Saturday we started out with Benny's last flag football game. The clouds were looking pretty scarey for awhile, then in the last quarter the skies opened up. It wasn't your typical Bakersfield quick drizzle. We were absolutley soaked.

We dried off, with both the grandmas, ate breakfast then went to Nathan's soccer game.