Friday, July 17, 2009

My Kids

I know Sophia is no longer a month old.
She finally stopped crying as soon as she hit 4 months.
I know I'm 3 months behind on updating.
But I did finally take them to get their picture taken today.
What an adventure!

Please say hi and tell me who you think she looks like. I'm still not sure?


  1. She looks like Sophia! :) With her being the only girl she totally looks like her mom. Your family is all way to cute for words.

  2. I just love this photo of your children. Everyone is growing up. They look so handsome and little Sophia is just a doll. She is beautiful. Great job~!!

  3. Sare, your kids have gotten so big. Sophia looks so cute and happy with all her big brothers. I think she looks like her mama. Hope you are having a fun summer. Miss you guys tons. ~Jill

  4. She looks like YOU. What a beautiful group of hooligans. Love them.

  5. I think she is a mixture of a couple of the boys! Missed you at girls camp, lets get together the man is gone this week at young men's camp!